Information Secuirty Services

Why spend costs on travelling, hotels etc. when you can get the service locally from the best?
We offer DRP planning and maintaining, awareness programs, technical information security implementation and information security audits


CIO1 is a company build on 30 years’ experience in Information Technologies. Dani Tal, founder of the company provided in the last decade excellent services to Siemens Information Services.
First as the SBS representative in the country building the Israel WAN from scratch in 2000, maintaining the SBS WAN and supporting local affiliates until 2002. Later on as CIO, ISO (Information Security Officer ) and infrastructure manager of Siemens Israel.
One of the main tasks as ISO was to create a DRP and maintain plan for Siemens sites in Israel.
CIO1believes in quality services based on preventive and proactive actions. We can offer DRP plans in English, Hebrew and German.


90% of Information Security is awareness. No firewalls, no anti virus will help against social hacking or an employee that uses so called :"Freeware".
The is no free lunch. even if you only get a cookie ...
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Israel is a high risk area not only political but also a costal country.
but bringing BCP and DRP to local management awareness is a real challenge.
There are a lot of technical masseurs implemented but they are not enough. Site documentation and real planning is the key for a good business continuity plan.
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