Can you save costs?

Sure you can. But do you know how ?
The experience CIO-1 brings to you makes it easy to implement changes
( Been there, seen it, done it all ... ) communicate them to the organization with change management skills and bring you get real value by introducing cost saving technologies

Knowledge management

Job security is the enemy number one of an enterprise. Employee dependencies are so common that it literally hurts to see how many organizations fail to see how they are driven by an employee to fortify his position instead of doing for the company benefit. By implementing a CIO-1 that dependency is gone in a matter of days.
Documentation and knowledge management will lift the company to a new business level.

Communication costs

Are you fully optimized in communication cost reductions?
We know how to do. National and international communication costs can be reduced by 20% in some cases.

Team Coaching

If you are an IT service provider and your costumers are not very satisfied, you probably would need some coaching.
Internal IT services or external, by implementing the CIO-1 methodology, adapting quality management & service quality assurance, Adizes based communication skills, some of the accumulated knowledge of over 25 years of experience in managing IT services the team will jump to a higher level of costumer satisfaction year after year.

Information security

Here is a short quiz for you:
  1. Do you have a well documented backup procedure?
  2. Do you have well documented restore procedure?
  3. Do you have well documented DRP process?
  4. Are you aware of costs related to undesired disclosure of your business information?
If you know the answers to the questions above, you also know if you need to call us right away 054-6432802 to schedule a free of charge appointment !

99.99% Up time?

What is the up time in your organization? If you do not have 99% it is not because it is too expensive .
Knowledge and good business process will get you there.

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