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Oneee stop shop for IT and Information Systems management. and security.
Based on over 30 years experience the field we offer IT and information security consulting and planning services,
DRP plans for international and local, Site documentation in Hebrew, English and Germannn.
Have a look at our CIO1 program designed to save your costs and bring you one step ahead in planning your organizations future , we also specialize in business process optimization and can offer low cost Workflow solutions that will improve your business flow.
Please send us your inputs to info@cio-1.com and we will be happy to get back to you with more information.
26-Jan-2022 - new customer - Digital marketing specialist building a local business portal with shops and a mini CRM

IBM Business Partners since 2010

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The CIO-1 program targets local organizations of 30 - 80 employees starting to feel the need for a CIO, but cannot afford one. Many of these organizations may be unaware of the long term consequences of trusting their Information System in the hands of unqualified personnel. Customarily these companies tend to appoint the PC technician or system administrator as the IT manager. Typically, this person has no qualification for managing Information systems and may lead the your organization to the direction that supports his/her interests creating a so called "Job Security fortress" around the position making the your organization dependent on an inexperienced professional. To accommodate the budget constraints of Small Medium Enterprises, the CIO on Demand service offers a very experienced CIO for a fraction of a CIO cost. more...

Information safety & Security

Are you prepared for a disaster?
In a matter of hours your safe and knows environment can be turned to a pail of rocks. yes you are dong backups but when was your last restore test done? are the employees aware of information Security and safety?
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Automate your work

Πάντα ῥεῖ - "Everything flows" said the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, as being ancient he was unable to predict the chaos of paper work ...
Process automation is the very new name to the very well known term workflows.
CIO-1 offers a suite of workflows applications, already in use in Siemens since 2008 that can bring efficiency and cost reduction in your organization.
From Invoice tracking process Purchase To Payment GRC SoD prevention or Travel management tools all SaaS based or available as a local installation.
Visit our Portlais-1 suite at www.portalis-1.com for more information

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