Too much paper work? process automation !

Can you really afford paying for any of the following?
  • paper
  • wasted employee time
  • lost documents
  • copy machines
  • suppliers relations affords
  • rework

    Have a look at what we can do for you with solid workflow application used by hundreds of users with very good recommendations.
    The system is ERP independent .

ITR - Invoice Tracking

Invoice TRacking - here is a story you will find familiar. In the company I worked for there was a need to approve payments. The CFO decided to attache to every incoming invoice a routing form that each and every signer needed ( buyer, project manager , finance etc .) was required to sign manually. As long as there were only 10 invoices per day the process was working more or less, but as soon as the volume want up to 15 ...
Well you can imagine the situation.
By introducing ITR in 2007 to the company, efficiency want up significantly, now it was possible to sign electronically any invoice and know exactly were it is in each stage.

ITR is still used and is one of the most affective process used


Travel Management System - allows you to keep track on who is travelling, where, when and enforce the travelling policy for hotels , cars etc.

PR - Purchase Requisition

Here is another success story. In a production plant engineers were designing electro boards and substations using a CAD application and yes, again the purchase requisition forms were done on paper. The PR system was able to load the parts from the CAD drawing, accumulate and consolidate the items into an automated Purchase Requisition form that want from the engineer to the purchaser in an automated process. The it want to the store for inventory check and finally was turned into a PO.

ARS - GRC Authorization Requests System

ARS is a very sophisticated workflow system with SOX logic built in. have a look at our GRC section for more...

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